Fu presents: Lootpack

New Year’s Resolution
from Soundpieces: Da Antidote! (1999, Stones Throw)

What a collective! Wildchild has never been recognised as the most technically gifted MC, but forget what you heard! Madlib on the beat, easily one of the most consistent producers over the last few years. DJ Romes cutting up everything, to add polish to the finished product. To me, the way this album came out was nothing short of explosive. With 24 tracks the occasional low point is to be expected, but the vibe doesn’t falter, and there are far too many stand out tracks, for this to not be a highly rated album. “Long Awaited” ft/ Dilated Peoples, “Whenimondamic”, “Speaker Smashin'”, “Wanna Test”, “New Years Resolution”..

The album partly depends on perfectly dissected samples. One clear example of this is the tempting “Mass Appeal” sample on “New Years Resolution”. Whilst not really pushing the boundaries lyrically Wildchild stays consistent with his attack of the wack, and that’s to be admired. I could actually see how people could get bored of the repetitive topics and ideas flipped, like how the Source un-famously dubbed it a 2.5 mic album. But coming from a magazine that rated the dissapointing “Stillmatic” as a perfect 5/5… …Yeah, well that says it all.

So for some there’s not enough diversity as far as track ideas go on this album, but the combination of Wildchild, Madlib & DJ Romes is a memorable one. It’s a classic documentation of beat making, for certain, and for me.. Vocally/verbally it’s overly impressive, but some have their doubts, stay tuned for a review of “The Lost Tapes”!!

-Matt B aka Fu (London, UK)

  1. this album isnt that old, but it still gets alot of love.

    I’m looking for the remix to uhh…I think it was “Likwit Rhymin”

    Lootpack put it out on a 12″ before this album came out…of course it was on Stonesthrow.

    while we are on a Likwit crew topic…what happened with that Liks vs. Xzibit beef I heard about…I never heard any songs or anything, I just heard the Liks put out a song called “The X Homie” or something.

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