I’m O.C., Who you? I never heard of ya

Far From Yours feat. Yvette Michelle
My World
from Far From Yours 12″ (1997, Payday/FFRR)

It’s the Summer of 1997 and I had just finished high school. Its was a sad time. My younger brother’s best friend decided to commit suicide the night before graduation. That left our school in a major shock. Some people celebrated their asses off.. Me.. I just drank nonstop and smoked weed til I was floating in the sky… I had a lot of time to think and It was a time where hiphop was sort of growing up and artists were becoming real retrospective, especially after the deaths of The Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur. I can vividly remember 4th of July. My boys Ryan, Mark, Larry and I mobbed out to Fremont. Lake Elizabeth always had the fireworks show but it was mad packed and we decided to jet. We turn on the radio and it’s Beni B dropping science. He played “My World” and “Far from Yours” back to back. That had us thinking about the deaths of our homies and rappers dying. Mr. C from RBL had passed recently at the time, as well as Seagram. Fast forward to 2005 and these 2 tracks still bring that clear perception of life.

Enter O.C., who needs no introduction whatsoever, being a prolific member of the DITC collective and had his first shine on Organized Konfusion’s “Fudge Pudge”. Many don’t know that he lived right across the block from Monch since the age of 11, so they went back a day or two. Far from Yours is a masterpiece, both lyrically and sonically. Buckwild created a beat like no other with a hard hitting thump and kept it minimal at the same time. Yvette Michelle laces the track with some sultry vocals on the hook and a dope Rakim sample at the end of every verse cut up by Roc Raida. This song for me has the most clever and thought provoking lyrics ever. Lines like,

“What stands before your very eyes is a
one man stand alone phenomenon
Microphone misery you sufferin taste my repetoire
in your face like a buck fifty, done with the razor”

“I be the chosen one, beyond the Moet and Cristal
A son of King and a Queen, therefore ability
for song run in my genetics
I gave ideas to L. Ron Hubbard to write books on Dianetics”

The last verse is a standout on its own…

“You may never find a MC well orchestrated like a symphony
Some’ll go down in history, some in infamy
The infamy will be somewhat a mystery
As long as my name O.C. live on through infinity
My identity, will ring bells in all vicinity
From fans to enemies I’m the antidote and remedy
I’ma philosophize, analyze, no question
If I die I’ma return like Jesus’ resurrection
I’m a blessin to the rap game, my claim to fame is when
I dissapear reappear, I put rappers to shame
Plain and simple, in common English, what I distinguish
the meanest lyric flamethrower your career’s over
Finesse a mic Casanova, Don Juan or MC
The people need a change, this rap shit is deranged
Yo Raider, flip the fader, let em know my cause
(One thing I do is keep em different, and far from yours)”

In my 17 year old mind, These lyrics registered as some futuristic bboy shit. So much hiphop had hit me by that point and I know it sounds crazy but those lyrics blew me away. This brings me to the B-Side “My World”… the beatwork provided by one of the illest hiphop producers ever, DJ Premier.. If you remember Pete Rock’s Tru Master, He used a sample from the first verse. I really like the way he composed the lyrics, adding a lot of intellectual thoughts, criticism on reality and even a lil braggadocio to get at the knuckleheads.

“Architect, rap technician, man listen
It’s no doubt you gonna pump this in your system
My skills ill, and all of that above
Confidence, I’m not worried bout a street buzz
I’m O.C., who you? I never heard of ya
Get out my face ‘fore I turn into a motherfuckin murderer
I want the green like indo, a mansion, a car
A wife who’s never been a bimbo
Too much to ask well to me that’s simple”

Weird how 8 years later, the message he pushed thru his music rings of truth, with the watered down wasteland that has ravaged hiphop in more recent times. Anyways, My apologies for spilling my inner thoughts on yall. I guess Im at that point in my life where I’m looking back at whats happened and how to keep things moving without making the mistakes that got me here. We all aint perfect. Anyways, O.C. is the man and this is a superb release. Enjoy it. Tomorrow I will have some joints from a certain producer who everyone wishes would have worked with an equally dope MC, who will go unnamed… Don’t Sleep and heed the words from O.C. himself…

“Catch the vibe like a tribal dance
In the clubs on the low with the b-boy stance”

Update 05/07/05
Peace to my homie XenoJive, who can related on what went down in 1997, since we were school mates. Anyways, He just laced us with an OG Mix of OC’s Times up from the Wild Pitch Classics cassette. That tape was hot. Here ya go. Thanks X…
O.C.-Times Up (Alternative Mix)

  1. I remember when **** merked himself…it was bugged, he was crazy chipper everyday…we just tagged up like 2-3 days before that shit happened.

    I come to school, kids is cryin and shit….”like wtf happened”

    “**** killed himself”


    but as far as OC goes…alot of heads used to diss this 12″ and album, talkin about “Aww man OC went commercial” I dont know how commercial you can be making tracks with Organized Konfusion. I dug it though…I still bring it out every now and then.

    You know what was weird about this LP though, he got Primo to do alot of the album but this kid is with D.I.muthafuckinT.C. he didnt need no Primo. But I guess a little Primo never hurt.

    as an added goodie (not M.O.B) I’ve put the first mix of “Times Up” I’ve ever heard on Yousendit…basically it’s the same, but it has horns at the beginning and throughout some of the song….and it’s a radio version

    haha…the quality might be iffy, I recorded it from the Wild Pitch Classics TAPE, so you might hear a hiss….just close your eyes and pretend it’s vinyl



  2. Yeah man… I dont remember if you went to the senior breakfast or not. I just remember all the kids were crying. Like, were supposed to be happy that 4 years are finally over then our homie popped himself. What’s really crazy is that He was hanging out with us at our pad. Everyone got out early the day before and we were at home watching tv and shit, watching I Love Lucy, just bugging out about graduation and stuff. He said, Aight Alex, Aight Jeff, Im out. See yall tomorrow… My brother was like, Bring the camera tomorrow and his last words were, “Ya, No doubt”… supposedly 6 hours later, he hung himself. R.I.P. Clyde Dean Taylor

    About the album, I do remember some people dissing it because it got some small play on BET but it was never as commercial as other stuff back then. Im glad people are diggin’ it. Its one of my favortie singles.

  3. “that nigga slick rick said, i waited long time sweatin it, i got jerked but now i’m gettin it, hazy like asthma, bizarre disaster, stress almost held me down from bein a master, the pastor, preacher, poet a teacher”
    hey man RIP to your homie, and definitely good lookin on these tracks, this sent me way back too, cause “its my world and i won’t stop and if you stand in my way you bound to get dropped” i always thought that after the jewelz album O.C. was goin straight to the top, its amazing how much hip poppers underrate that real feel type hip hop

    • mega montana
    • May 8th, 2005

    i love this album, the whole thing is banging front to back, no slipups lyrically or with the beats

    amazing this was considered selling out

    i still remember that far from yours vid, shit was mad chill

  4. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences and how they relate to O.C.’s songs.

    I myself was serving 11 months service in the Finnish army when Jewelz dropped. Now 8 years later listening to this album takes me back to those days. Some memories are good, some terrible.

    Anyway, I copped Jewelz and instantly became a fan of O.C. A lot of folks sleep on the second album because it sounds so different from Word… Life but me, having no previous contact to O.C. was able to enjoy it to the fullest.

    Too bad people still don’t recognize the magnificence of Jewelz. There might be a few weaker tracks (such as Crow and It’s Only Right), but it’s a great album, nevertheless.

    That new (already scrapped) album Starchild sounds like a step in the right direction once again, but sadly it’s no Jewelz.

    • Anonymous
    • July 24th, 2005

    was this the song where he said “”
    10 years later they’ll be biting my single…”
    and just last year jayz used a sample from oc’s first album on a video?

    • Anonymous
    • September 17th, 2005

    Man That Was One Of The Best Record Singles I Bought That Year. That DJ Premier Loop Is Haunting. If You Havent Heard It In A While Its Like A Woman – You Long For It



    • stringpuller20
    • August 21st, 2007

    What was the name of the original sample that they used in Far From Yours!?

    • Audio1
    • August 21st, 2007

    Brothers Johnson – Tomorrow

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