This ain’t funny, So don’t you dare laugh

Just Another Case
Just Another Case (Remix)
from Just Another Case 12″ (1997, Def Jam)

Uhh Once upon a time let’s see if I remember
Back in January
Nah chill… was December
True…cuz that’s when L started his bid
Partied through the New Year
January third he slid
Up until then yo L had it swell
Called him Sweet Pea like his name was Pernell
He did the job money came with ease
Blowing outta town moving bricks and ki’s
Him and his chick in forty G rides
Holding down fort like they Bonnie N Clyde
Luxury cars of all makes and models
New outfits everyday, downin’ champagne by the bottle
Glass in the air (air)
Toast to my team (team)
Toast to my cream and the scotties that beam
While others fiend, I’m abouts da beamer
Think about your girl, just say what (Say what!), I’m a dreamer
Called up CRU
Yo, they probably in the studio
Phil Collins in the background

All I can say is that this track is really dope. The first time I heard was on this old Tat Money mixtape that I bought at Cue’s Records in Daly City… I think it was Tat Money “Volume 13 1/2″… Where is Tat Money and is he still making tapes?

From their album Da Dirty 30, You got the lead off single, Just Another Case, which is tale about bronx street-life, getting locked up and the like. It also features a rather unique cameo from Slick Rick on the final verse… Alot of people never knew that he was on the track. The lyrics are good but what sets the track apart is the beat… a tightly constructed track using a samples from Rhythm’s “The World Is A Place” and a few other lively breaks. The B-side features a remix of Just Another Case, which they changed the drum kit which sounds like it came from an old Slick Rick track. Take your pick, both are hot. It also has “Pronto”, another track from the album, which rides the rhythm of the “Funky Worm”… The real hiphop heads will remember this one from the mixtapes and college radio shows… It even got some Top40 play. Good times… Enjoy and post your thoughts… I will have some fly shit later today and this weekend. Broke BBoys neva stop diggin for the hotness.


  1. Dirty 30 was a very dope album. Loved it to death, still play it. Cru where the f%ck you at!?

    • mega montana
    • May 8th, 2005

    damn i need this album, dont know why i never picked it up when it dropped

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