Rahsheed & Ill Advised

The Rebel Rahsheed aka Maylay Sparks

Baby Blak (Ill Advised)

DJ Revolution (The Wake Up Show)

DJ Jazz feat. The Rebel Rahsheed
from R.A.P. 12″ (1999, Showtyme)
Produced By DJ Jazz

Rahsheed and Ill Advised
Internal Affairs Remix feat. Black Thought and Malik B
from Internal Affairs 12″ (1999, Quake City)

The homie Andy from The Rookie made a post recently about Ill Advised. Took me back to the days of recording The Wake Up show on Friday nights. The show really jumped off when DJ Revolution came on board. That dude was soo on point with his mixing and turntablist abilities. He also had a knack for beatmaking so it’s no coincidence that he got involved with Ill Advised (Baby Blak and Mr. Lish) and The Rebel Rasheed (aka Maylay Sparks) on the joint. According to Baby Blak, was made to pay respect to Philly hiphop pioneers Steady B and Cool C. He also said that 86 was one of the best years for Philly hiphop and if you invert 86, you get 98, the year the track dropped.

As I cant find the original version, I’m lacing yall with the hot single from 1999, Internal Affairs, which is a straight banger in its own right. The crew represents in full Philly battle mode with DJ Jazz hooking up the guitar/string combo and thumpin kick drums. The flip is the (Remix) featuring Black Thought and Malik B. Talk about an all out Philly verbal assault with DJ Revolution keeping the same Cool C samples and flippin’ it around. For Fun, Im adding another track from DJ Jazz featuring The Rebel Rahsheed named R.A.P. Yet another hidden jewel being unleashed here. If your from Philly and/or got more history on Rahsheed and Ill Adviced, Holla… It’s been a minute since we’ve posted here. Expect a joint everyday for the next week, Guaranteed.


    • Anonymous
    • May 7th, 2005

    yo you got theee dopest hip-hop blog. thanks for all the realest hip-hop.

    • mega montana
    • May 8th, 2005

    damn this was a dream matchup, that 1986 beat was bananas

    this is where the beef between them and high and mighty started…i think mighty mi came up with the beat and were on the track, but rahsheed and them went to revolution and he ‘produced’ it

    i think rahsheed and baby blak got jerked outta money from ‘open mic night’

    rahsheed last i heard lives in copenhagen or some shit

    you might be able to find baby blak on the phillyhiphop.com boards, i think he’s putting in major work–>

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