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Deal with a Feeling

Milano: Deal With A Feeling / Rep For The Slums
from Deal With A Feeling 12″ (Fat Beats, 2000)

Not much Info on this just except:
A]It’s a great DITC related release
B]A BrokeBBoys visitor hit me on email regarding it
C]My Skratchlab bro NicDGreek used to play this alot on our old show

“Deal with A Feeling” is one of the better Show productions that came out around that time. For a minute, DITC was dropping releases left and right, mostly commandeered by DJ Premier. Some people werent feelin the material Show was producing but this one was and is a banger. The B-Side, “Rep For The Slums” is produced by some cat named Ahmed and its knockin. Milano’s flow is good and similar to his DITC cohorts with punchlines here and there and the usual braggadocio. Solid record. There are still out there, courtesy of Fat Beats so pick it up. You can now stream the tracks and if you like them, you can download as well. More music tomorrow.


Blue is the color of….

Blue Scholars: SelfPortrait / The Inkwell
from Blue Scholars CD (2003, self-released)

What’s up, I know what you’re thinking. Where has BoogaLeo been all this time? Why’s he gotta post now, didn’t he remember he had a blog? Yeah, my apologies, I had a week long siesta up in NYC, and a rude awakening back to school week which is still a mess. So amongst all the confusion, I give you the Blue Scholars, hailing from Seattle. The duo is the classic mc/dj combo: MC Geologic on the mic, and Dj Sabzi on the wheels/production. I find this duo pretty dope and empowering (Filipino American MC in the house!), I had the pleasure to check them out last November and Geologic’s stage presence is somethin else. He has a knack for painting his lyrics so vividly, “SPD spreads the city like an STD.” So here’s a lil sampler off of their first album, sprinkled with laid back beats and conscious lyrics.


Time 2 Regulate

It came to my attention that the BrokeBBoys MP3’s were being hotlinked all over the internet thus causing my account to go over its monthly bandwidth allocation. Luckily my host is a good friend and we worked something out. Leo and I combined forces to showcase good hiphop. We do this out of the kindness of our hearts and the knowledge we gain and receive in the process. Seriously, who downloads Shyheim-On and On(Remix) 400 times within 48 hours? and what’s up with using software to download all the available MP3’s at one time and for long periods of time? Parameters have been put in place so that kind of thing does not happen anymore. Start checking daily when we do updates. Files will be up on a limited time only basis. You can thank a handful of assholes for that. Sorry for the rant. I love Hiphop. I live for Hiphop. Some people just know how to ruin a good thing. I am very thankful for the traffic and attention the site has gotten in recent times. We just have to regulate a little bit.


Feel Good Hiphop

Yall So Stupid: Van Full Of Pakistans
Van Full Of Pakistans (Skeff Remix)
The Plant
from Van Full Of Pakistans 12″ (1992, Rowdy)

Yall So Stupid was as good as feel good hiphop gets, full of lyrical/comedic weaponry and a soundtrack like no other, spearheaded by super producer Spearhead X and members Unkle Buk, Logic, H2O & Sha Boogie. They dropped one album back in 1993 and that stuck on me ever since I first saw/heard “Van Full Of Pakistans” on CMC. Yall So Stupid is a group deserving of alot of attention. Hard to believe that alot of people slept on them way back and now.

I’ve posted 3 tracks. Van Full of Pakistans was the title track from the album with had a beat like no other and some good lyrics about the industry and living life. A memorable lyric goes like “why do I do drugs?/shit/I lost my record deal”… One of the most slept-on hiphop gems of all time. I also posted one of 2 remixes. I was to post a Spearhead Remix but my record had like 2-3 skips on different parts of that version so I went ahead and posted the Skeff Remix, which is a real ill take on the original.

The final track is the B-Side to the Van Full of Pakistans 12”, The Plant, which to me sounds like they are chanting, “Pass the bluuuuuuuuuunt…”. It’s an ode to the plant that grows from the earth. Some call her Mary (hint hint). The lyrics are pretty nonsensical in the fashion your mindstate works in when you are stoned… funny lines like “my mother is asking why im lighting up the block?/cuz Im fucked up!!”. Believe it or not, Da King & I produced this track and It shows by how dope it is, cleverly using the sample to complement the track and vocals.

Its one of those albums that you can listen to all the way thru and play it on loop and deserving of classic status. YSS members struck back in 2000 when several of them regrouped under the name “Mass Influence” and released The Underground Science. Mass Influence has some of the dopest Hiphop out in recent years. So grab these and if your feeling the flava, go out and cop the vinyl/cd/cassette/reel to reel.

One thing… Anyone ever catch the PAKISTAN connection? I surely never did

Life after 3rd Bass

Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich: Rap Prime Minister
from Rap Prime Minister Promo 12″ (1992, Def Jam)

What much can be said about the breakup of 3rd Bass? You can say that Pete Nice & Daddy Rich continued to make some pretty good music. Unfortunately, They werent given quite a warm welcome when they dropped their debut solo album “Dust To Dust”… That was then, This is now. I think it’s some ultra slept on Hiphop. To my surprise I ran into this piece of wax about a year ago. It’s some stuff you’d expect to find on an Edan-fast Rap Mix. It’s a promo that came out around 1992. It didnt make the album. It’s got a Fast paced beat, very funky and Pete Nice kickin some rapid fire rhymes… The beat reminds me of that Jaz-O/Jay-Z “It’s That Simple”… Like if the lyrics werent dope, The beat stands alone itself. I’ve spent alot of time practicin’ cuts over this record. Go ahead… Play it on loop… Its addictive.


unsigned and hella broke… in the 510

The FundaMentals: Funeral
from 30 Daze and a Plane Ticket Cassette (1995, Kemetic Suns)

Mystik Journeymen: Depths Of Survival
from 4001: The Stolen Legacy (1995, Outhouse Records)

It’s about 1995 and I was going thru my “what’s underground” phase. I ran into this homie named Karma on the 92 Line on AC Transit. The bus was always full of knuckleheads who I went to school with and they were always on that gangsta shit. Karma would always bust on them off the top, cleverly dissin’ them from the clothes they were wearing to how wack they rhymes was. Some real fresh stuff to witness. So we had a conversation about Hiphop and I let him know my views on it. He then hands me this Cassette and says “Listen to this and youll hear a whole different side to hiphop”.

So here we are, either on the Richmond train or the AC Transit 40L from Bayfair to Berkeley to catch some of the future hiphop stars of the bay area. The Telegraph strip was were all the MC’s and DJ’s would hang out. Blew my mind the first time I went out there… You had all the MC’s out there hustlin’ tapes and vinyl. Mystik Journeymen, Kemetic Suns, Bas1, Cytoplasmz, Kirby Dominant, Arata and anyone from out this way you can think of, just cypherin’ outside of Rasputins. Real good times I got recorded somewhere. I gotta find that tape. I bet you underground fans would have a ball with it.

These are 2 of the many things I picked up on my cutting school journeys to hang out on Telegraph Ave. Both tracks are pretty self-explanatory and to me are some super slept-on bay area hiphop. Last I heard, Karma now goes by KiloJoule and is still doing his thing with Kemetic Suns and a newer group named The Auditrons. As for Mystik Journeymen, The whole world knows who they are… Living Legends, Indeed. If you can find these, Buy them on sight.


Wu-Tang Jr.

Shyheim: On and On (RNS LP Version)
On and On (DJ Premier Remix)
The B-Side (Bring The Drama)
from On and On 12″ (1993, Virgin)

Shyheim came into the game at the age of 13 proclaiming, “I want muthafuckas to know I can hang with the best. I want everybody to just listen to the way I get down.”

In 1991, Shyheim met up with RNS and began work on the “AKA The Rugged Child” album. He kept on writing and honed his rhyming skills then he launched himself into hiphop stardom. For being a real young cat at the time, His lyrical skill was real dope as he spoke about the grimey street life out in Staten Island. That got him his cue to become the youngest member of the Wu-Tang Clan. Here is 3 tracks from his “AKA The Rugged Child” album. You get the LP Version and DJ Premier Remix of “On and On” and “The B-Side (Bring The Drama)”… I cant figure who guest MC’s on it. Let me know. Shyheim was really on point and truly made a spark in Hiphop.