ESP >> Tha Alkaholiks

ESP aka Tha Alkaholiks:
Getz Funky
LA Law
Groove Yard
from Tha Alkaholiks-Demo Tape (1992/1993)

Before blowing up as Tha Alkaholiks, J-Ro, Tash and E-Swift went under the name ESP (Everyday Street Poets). I somehow got a copy of this, I dont even remember how. Disregard the sound quality because it does no justice to how dope these cats were before signing their deal with Loud Records. If anyone has anymore info on this Demo Tape, holler. The Alkaholiks are one of my favorite hip hop groups ever. So many dope records they’ve made… would be nice to get these tracks in vinyl format and near perfect sound quality.

Onto other matters,
You may have noticed that we’ve added some new blogs to the link scroller, so please, visit them all daily and let em know who got ya there (unless if they got one of them neat List Referrers)… I gotta figure how to get one on here. Holler if you can help.

We’ll.. that’s it for today. Leo and I are working on some tribute postings coming up so stay tuned. Peace.


What’s up with Kardinal Offishal dissin the U.S.A. ??

  1. To get a list referrer go to this site They have an automated process which will do it (obviously) automatically or you can just cut n paste the html code into your blogspot template. By the way, that Groove Yard cut is FIIIIIRE!

  2. > What’s up with Kardinal Offishal dissin the U.S.A. ??

    He’s Canadian! Hating on the US is like SOP and/or virtually mandatory up there for everyone. He just happens to be an artist who can make songs about it.

  3. Ian,

    I understand his logic, but I didnt really see why he would point America out for pissin’
    on women, like that is something we do for recreation. I also think its quite funny how
    gullier and gangsta he has gotten over the years. He’s a real thug, from T-Dot… What
    happened to “U R Ghetto”. I understand that hip hop is the voice of the people, but
    Americans arent all like that. I see that as a problem because the world believes that us
    young american hip hop fanatics support all the projects and takeovers our president does,
    and that is obviously not true. He is free to say whatever he wants. If anything, He
    should talk shit about Canada and the Canadian governments campaign to keep black hip hop
    artists from coming into the country. That is some racist bullshit right there if you ask
    me, singling out a race for their artistic freedom. This argument can go both ways. I have
    nothing personally against Canadians (except for faggot ass wannabe rastafarian
    ragga-jungle types). I just thought of it as funny, specially since it was Kardinal who spoke
    on it.

    What happened to peace?

    Peace peace peace!!

    • glavet
    • April 3rd, 2005

    Thanks for posting this up. I’ve been a Liks fan ever since first hearing them on King Tee’s Triflin Album. I never knew this exsisted…props!

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