Its the Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid Capri

Kid Capri:
Follow me feat. Buckshot & Cocoa Brovaz
Creepin feat. Kurupt, Eightball & Too Short
from Follow Me/Creepin’ Promo 12″ (1998, Columbia)

I remember when I used to buy from the catalogs that Tape Kingz would mail ya every month. Kid Capri has a bunch of joints on there. This one is a strange 12″ because of who it features. You got the dope banger, Follow Me, which features the BDI MC Buckshot and the Cocoa Brovas. On the B-Side, you have a strange trio of Kurupt, Eightball and Too Short. I think Kid Capri wanted to experiment with a bunch of different artists, especially after all that east/west bullshit that went down. Heads had to show that there was no hostility. I think Kid Capri proved his point with his “Sooundtrack To The Streets” albums. Im unsure how great a commercial success it was. At least he gave it a good shot. Enjoy these two. My apologies for not posting this whole week. I spent an entire week up in Seattle working. While there was nonstop rain and wind in cali, It was sunny and cold up there. Good times. Ill have some more gems posted by tomorrow. Stay Tuned.


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