Crawl before you Ball

Just Riden’ (Remix) / Battle Drill
from Boxcar Sessions (1994, Qwest)

Originally from the Bay Area, Saafir came thru with one of those albums that appealed to thugs and hiphop heads worldwide. Right before he dipped to ATL (T.I. anyone????), He left “Trigonometry” under the alias Mr. No-No and these 2 hot joints off the “Boxcar Sessions” album. I’ll spare you all the details… I got a fuckin headache and wanted to post some new music. I’ll be back with more tomorrow.


and I stand corrected. The “Just Riden (Remix)” wasnt off the album. It’s a track I had layin’ around. Thanks Aurich for the info.

  1. Minor nitpick, but that ‘remix’ is not off Boxcar Sessions, it came out much later.

    That album is in my top 5 of all time, hands down. Saafir was just never able to find his niche after it though, which breaks my heart. The first Hobo EP was so promising, and then somehow the soul was lost or something. The Hit List was made in 2 weeks and it shows. Even when he got down to spit with someone like Mikah 9 he just doesn’t have that spark anymore.

  2. I know I know…. I dont care right now. My head is splitting in 2. I could find the original so I posted the remix. and yes, Saafir lost it along the way.

  3. What happened to the Hobos? Kinda like they disappeared a couple years ago.

    YES! Boxcar Sessions I love this album

    the limited Hobo Junction EP was bangin too (Heir Apparent!)

    they had the “Black Label” EP as well…thats where I could tell they were kinda fallin, I only felt a few of those tracks.

    I heard Eyecue had a solo LP…and props to Bignous he’s crazy underrated as a producer.

  4. Audio1- Ha, no worries, just keeping the record straight. 😉 That remix is one of the last great tracks Saafir did, it was a dope 12″ with In A Vest on the flip from the Hobo EP.

    Eyecue’s solo album was produced by my man Kegs. It’s a fun listen, worth grabbing for sure, but it doesn’t capture the early magic that Hobo had. Things really weren’t the same once Rashinel left, though I don’t know that story behind that.

    I paid way too much on eBay for the original promo only double vinyl pressing of Box Car Sessions, but it was worth it still. Bought it from Rasta Cue Tip of all people it turned out.

    – Ocult One

  5. damn, KEGS did that. He used yo own that lil shop in burlingame. Too bad he closed it. He’s doing the thing lately from the last time I hollered at him. Where you live at Aurich?

  6. I’m down in LA now, but I’m from SF and of course I have the East Bay connection with TFG though we’re on the low mostly now. Kegs is my man, one of these days I want to do a project with him. I don’t have much time for production anymore, let alone running a label, which is why Taken For Granted is in such decline.

    • dame
    • March 21st, 2005

    was trigonometry the album w/ Goin Home and Major Knock?

    Can you post any of that hard 2 find album here?


    and I think him moving to ATL is lie.. i think the shrimp boys did a spoof post claiming he became T.I. but i live in atl now, and have never heard of saafir being here. although he was in menace w/ moving to atl a central theme of the movie, so that would be very ironic.
    Thanks good blogging,


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