Album wasn’t Hard 2 Obtain

Hard 2 Obtain:
Heels Without Souls / A Lil Sumthing (feat. Artifacts & Raquel) / Parkyard Lingo
From Ism & Blues (Atlantic, 1994)

Quick late night post. Hard 2 Obtain was down with a few folks in the right year. They also made a cameo on KMD’s Black Bastards. Stimulated Dummies (aka SD50)production all over the album makes it extra funky. I’m lookin for that “Isms and Blues” track, you’d think they’d drop the title track on the LP. Oh yea, also on this album you get some early appearance scratches by the one known as “Rockraider”. Enjoy


  1. SD50 never did get their true props they deserve.


  2. I have Ism And Blues (the song). I’ll post it at the Treat this week

    T Havas

  3. I must cop this album. I remember feelin their video in the 12th grade but as many know it was just too much dope shit coming out every week back then for a youngster to afford all the dope shit kinda like nowadays with all the indie shit & mixtape shit! I love vibes samples and the Heels joint is WHOA!!

    • Anonymous
    • March 15th, 2005

    i must go dig this tape up.
    tape?!!?!! dammit. where can i get this on cd or mp3!

  4. I remember seeing the LI Groove video and going immediately to the record store near my crib. It was a Strawberries, which is a crappy chain. I was a young teenager so no I had ride of course. I went in and was like do you an album by Hard2Obtain. The girl there straight up told me there was no group called that and that it must’ve been the song title. I kind of forgot about them and I found the CD for $1 in 1996 I think. I waited about two years to save about $10.

    Great blog fellas. Today and everyday.

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