Deal with a Feeling

Milano: Deal With A Feeling / Rep For The Slums
from Deal With A Feeling 12″ (Fat Beats, 2000)

Not much Info on this just except:
A]It’s a great DITC related release
B]A BrokeBBoys visitor hit me on email regarding it
C]My Skratchlab bro NicDGreek used to play this alot on our old show

“Deal with A Feeling” is one of the better Show productions that came out around that time. For a minute, DITC was dropping releases left and right, mostly commandeered by DJ Premier. Some people werent feelin the material Show was producing but this one was and is a banger. The B-Side, “Rep For The Slums” is produced by some cat named Ahmed and its knockin. Milano’s flow is good and similar to his DITC cohorts with punchlines here and there and the usual braggadocio. Solid record. There are still out there, courtesy of Fat Beats so pick it up. You can now stream the tracks and if you like them, you can download as well. More music tomorrow.


  1. One of my favorite 12’s ever. I remember getting this and playing Rep over and over before even really giving Deal a chance. I kept this in rotation for a ot minute. I also know that Rep was #1 on DJ 3rd Rail’s yearly top 40 in Chicago.

  2. you know, thats right. Nick and I used to bump 3rd Rail’s show on WNRU??@!!?? online. He had this crazy 2-3 week mix. DJ Premier/Gang Starr Foundation set. It was absolutely the greatest.

    This single is a banger

  3. Great record. He’s got a track on the new P Brothers 12″ and has a release on Beatdown Recordings with beats from Show, Finesse and T-Ray, with another one set to drop soon. Milano’s gonna be big.

    • Anonymous
    • March 14th, 2005

    I remember hearing “Rep for the Slums” and thinking how amazing it was to hear the same loop used on the “Defintion of Ill Remix” by Planet Asia and PB Wolf used completely differently and still knock hard.
    Milano is nice, on some Nas slick shit. The kid from Terror Squad, Armaggeddon, used to rhyme like this, but he still can’t fuck with Milano.
    Great post!

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