Time 2 Regulate

It came to my attention that the BrokeBBoys MP3’s were being hotlinked all over the internet thus causing my account to go over its monthly bandwidth allocation. Luckily my host is a good friend and we worked something out. Leo and I combined forces to showcase good hiphop. We do this out of the kindness of our hearts and the knowledge we gain and receive in the process. Seriously, who downloads Shyheim-On and On(Remix) 400 times within 48 hours? and what’s up with using software to download all the available MP3’s at one time and for long periods of time? Parameters have been put in place so that kind of thing does not happen anymore. Start checking daily when we do updates. Files will be up on a limited time only basis. You can thank a handful of assholes for that. Sorry for the rant. I love Hiphop. I live for Hiphop. Some people just know how to ruin a good thing. I am very thankful for the traffic and attention the site has gotten in recent times. We just have to regulate a little bit.


    • Anonymous
    • March 12th, 2005

    For those of us medical residents who work 80-100 hours a week and get all but once a week to peep this site and catch up on good music, well let’s just say i’m fucking pissed. To the others that fucked things up so postings won’t last more than a week – fuck off. If you show up to my ER, best be sure you wont be getting in pain meds. IBB

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  2. yo anonymous
    hooler at me thabboy@gmail.com and lemme know what songs you didnt grab.

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