Blue is the color of….

Blue Scholars: SelfPortrait / The Inkwell
from Blue Scholars CD (2003, self-released)

What’s up, I know what you’re thinking. Where has BoogaLeo been all this time? Why’s he gotta post now, didn’t he remember he had a blog? Yeah, my apologies, I had a week long siesta up in NYC, and a rude awakening back to school week which is still a mess. So amongst all the confusion, I give you the Blue Scholars, hailing from Seattle. The duo is the classic mc/dj combo: MC Geologic on the mic, and Dj Sabzi on the wheels/production. I find this duo pretty dope and empowering (Filipino American MC in the house!), I had the pleasure to check them out last November and Geologic’s stage presence is somethin else. He has a knack for painting his lyrics so vividly, “SPD spreads the city like an STD.” So here’s a lil sampler off of their first album, sprinkled with laid back beats and conscious lyrics.


  1. sup sup

    I’m not really feeling self portrait (the beat sounds like they tried to force it to work), but inkwell sounds good…


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