Feel Good Hiphop

Yall So Stupid: Van Full Of Pakistans
Van Full Of Pakistans (Skeff Remix)
The Plant
from Van Full Of Pakistans 12″ (1992, Rowdy)

Yall So Stupid was as good as feel good hiphop gets, full of lyrical/comedic weaponry and a soundtrack like no other, spearheaded by super producer Spearhead X and members Unkle Buk, Logic, H2O & Sha Boogie. They dropped one album back in 1993 and that stuck on me ever since I first saw/heard “Van Full Of Pakistans” on CMC. Yall So Stupid is a group deserving of alot of attention. Hard to believe that alot of people slept on them way back and now.

I’ve posted 3 tracks. Van Full of Pakistans was the title track from the album with had a beat like no other and some good lyrics about the industry and living life. A memorable lyric goes like “why do I do drugs?/shit/I lost my record deal”… One of the most slept-on hiphop gems of all time. I also posted one of 2 remixes. I was to post a Spearhead Remix but my record had like 2-3 skips on different parts of that version so I went ahead and posted the Skeff Remix, which is a real ill take on the original.

The final track is the B-Side to the Van Full of Pakistans 12”, The Plant, which to me sounds like they are chanting, “Pass the bluuuuuuuuuunt…”. It’s an ode to the plant that grows from the earth. Some call her Mary (hint hint). The lyrics are pretty nonsensical in the fashion your mindstate works in when you are stoned… funny lines like “my mother is asking why im lighting up the block?/cuz Im fucked up!!”. Believe it or not, Da King & I produced this track and It shows by how dope it is, cleverly using the sample to complement the track and vocals.

Its one of those albums that you can listen to all the way thru and play it on loop and deserving of classic status. YSS members struck back in 2000 when several of them regrouped under the name “Mass Influence” and released The Underground Science. Mass Influence has some of the dopest Hiphop out in recent years. So grab these and if your feeling the flava, go out and cop the vinyl/cd/cassette/reel to reel.

One thing… Anyone ever catch the PAKISTAN connection? I surely never did

  1. I think I’ve got that Spearhead Remix somewhere if you want it. I thought YSS was slept on too, I bumped this a fair amount.

  2. sup yall..

    I’m feeling the skeff mix…hah, I’ve never even heard of these kids

    keep pumping the fresh shit DJ Audio One!

    (P.S. hit me up if you need some underground Bay Area mp3’s)

  3. answer your emails mr. xeno. you wanna be a contributor to the site? holler.

    good lookin’ yall… i know i wasnt the only one feelin’ YSS.

    • Kid Captain Coolout
    • October 16th, 2005

    At one time the people in Pakistan were fighting each other at any given moment and were viewed on American TV as tyrants and savages. If you were to put them all in a van together, you’d have a Van Full Of Problems… since the title track was basically a Song Full Of Problems… the group decided to go the subliminal route and call it, “Van Full Of Pakistans”… that’s a really nice write-up by the way.

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