Life after 3rd Bass

Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich: Rap Prime Minister
from Rap Prime Minister Promo 12″ (1992, Def Jam)

What much can be said about the breakup of 3rd Bass? You can say that Pete Nice & Daddy Rich continued to make some pretty good music. Unfortunately, They werent given quite a warm welcome when they dropped their debut solo album “Dust To Dust”… That was then, This is now. I think it’s some ultra slept on Hiphop. To my surprise I ran into this piece of wax about a year ago. It’s some stuff you’d expect to find on an Edan-fast Rap Mix. It’s a promo that came out around 1992. It didnt make the album. It’s got a Fast paced beat, very funky and Pete Nice kickin some rapid fire rhymes… The beat reminds me of that Jaz-O/Jay-Z “It’s That Simple”… Like if the lyrics werent dope, The beat stands alone itself. I’ve spent alot of time practicin’ cuts over this record. Go ahead… Play it on loop… Its addictive.


    • Anonymous
    • March 5th, 2005

    this is the first track on the album…it only differs slightly

  1. Word. I wasnt aware of that. I only picked this record up and never have found the full album. Thanks for the information.

  2. Pete writes books on baseball history and gives a tour in cooperstown New York of baseball player grave sights. Do a search for “Peter Nash baseball writer” to find out more. Serch is a morning radio dj in Detroit. They recorded a reunion album thats all done just waiting to be put out. Wyclef and Daddy Rich are among the producers who contributed to the project.

  3. This is not Rat Bastard but it is a good facsimile.I still pump this album Pete had a a dope style that would fit in with late 90s indie hiphop.

    • Paul Burkey
    • June 4th, 2010

    Jay shits on these cocksuckers, this is killa: “ugh, fck the DA the mayor know me the big guy in D.C. got a favor for me”.You know it true!!! Got the lyrics from jay-zjournalcom

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