Wu-Tang Jr.

Shyheim: On and On (RNS LP Version)
On and On (DJ Premier Remix)
The B-Side (Bring The Drama)
from On and On 12″ (1993, Virgin)

Shyheim came into the game at the age of 13 proclaiming, “I want muthafuckas to know I can hang with the best. I want everybody to just listen to the way I get down.”

In 1991, Shyheim met up with RNS and began work on the “AKA The Rugged Child” album. He kept on writing and honed his rhyming skills then he launched himself into hiphop stardom. For being a real young cat at the time, His lyrical skill was real dope as he spoke about the grimey street life out in Staten Island. That got him his cue to become the youngest member of the Wu-Tang Clan. Here is 3 tracks from his “AKA The Rugged Child” album. You get the LP Version and DJ Premier Remix of “On and On” and “The B-Side (Bring The Drama)”… I cant figure who guest MC’s on it. Let me know. Shyheim was really on point and truly made a spark in Hiphop.

  1. a true gem.. a damn fine post homies. i love the little sample in on and on, i have no clue what song its from originally, but i know Madlib uses it on Strip Club from Champion sound.

    keep em comin boys
    grahamscience freemotion

  2. Shy’s first tape was dope and this song to me puts the experience of living in the DC Area in ’93in a song best:Everybody doin they own thang…Hookerin to drug slang! Where is RNS now? He did most of the beats on the Rugged Child LP and it was classical!

  3. yeah this is sick. found a copy of this in NY recently which made me happy.

    does anyone know the name of the Wu-Tang track that features Shyheim? could be a Shyheim track feat Wu-Tang but I remember seeing a video for this when i was like in Jr. High and I have no idea what the name of the track is. It’s been buggin me.

    • Anonymous
    • March 7th, 2005

    Shy showed up in the Wu-Tang Allstar’s track ‘Soul in the Hole’ where he boasted he knew ‘n!ggas livah then allen ivah’sen.’ Great lines from Killah Sin & Timbo King too.

    There was a very grimy video for that shot on a project basketball court. He also had a track with Meth that had a video, them bouncing around his lil bedroom.

    Can I get a sooooooo!?

    • Audio1
    • March 8th, 2005


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