Get ready for the Lyrical Rhyme Bomb

Blade: Rhyme Bomb
The Way It Has To Be
Born To Rule
from Rhyme Bomb EP 12″ (1997, Bomb Records)

This guy happens to be one of the dopest MC’s straight out of the UK and also a favorite UK MC to Iriscience from Dilated Peoples. Here we have Blade with the Rhyme Bomb EP. Let’s go back in time with Blade. Just 8 years earlier, Blade had made his first release and slanged it out the trunk all over the UK in a similar fashion to what Too Short and Living Legends did back in Oakland. For a while, He kept pushing his indie releases and got up to 60,000 units moved thru his DIY distributions. Then he fell off the radar to focus on his own life. His father passed away and he soon became a father so family came first. Around 97, Blade reemerged more confident than ever and hungrier on the mic. This 3 track EP was released on Bomb Records out of SF. He soon hooked up with Producer Mark B and the rest is UK Hiphop history…

Back to Rhyme Bomb.. This one is a pretty slick featuring 3 tracks, produced by 2000 Adee and Never Seen. “Rhyme Bomb” is where Blade speaks about label shadiness and how to handle your business. Real dope message to all mc’s out there. My favorite track is the second, “The Way It Has To Be” which has very similar drums used on Rasco’s “The Unassisted”. O-Dub made that comparison back in 97. “Born To Rule” is a favorite for the BBoys and heads out there who love Hiphop within the 100-120bpm range. Wasn’t I sparking off about that subject a while back? More uptempo Hiphop is needed. Check it as Blade shines on all 3 tracks.

UK comes thru with quality releases and many good MC’s and DJ’s… Maybe because in Europe, They value Hiphop culture more than we do here in America, which is a shame. At least some of us speak on the issue, rather than let it slide. This blogging thing is a good way to expose the quality music that hiphop truly is, be it yesteryear or currently. Respect everyone.


    • Anonymous
    • February 27th, 2005

    i think you posted ‘has to be’ twice? and not ‘born to rule?’

    • Brixton bob
    • February 28th, 2005

    Ive seen this guy live with jehst and they ripped the place apart, Nice blog , Thanks for the tracks.

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