Let’s dig a little deeper

Preacher Earl & The Ministry: Return of the Body Snacha
from Return of the Body Snacha 12″ (1993, Phat Wax)

I have to admit. My posts lately havent been so on point, so I’ve decided to dig deeper in the crates for some extra niceness. Eric’s Archives did this post on the same label the release Im posting tonight came from. Thanks for the inspiration Eric. Several years back, I picked up this record from Preacher Earl & The Ministry. I have absolutely no clue where they came from but the lyrical content and beats are bangin. The beats are handled by none other than Greg Nice and boy are these really hot. Really really hot. Preacher Earl rips the mic with some crazy metaphors, Ill tales of the streets and industry shakedows. The delivery is good. Check the rock riffs and Milk D sample on the first track. Gunz has some good samples flipped. A real decent release on both sides of the spectrum. Dont take my word for it… Listen and post your thoughts. If you have anymore info, holler as well. More records to be posted.


Check the picture…
You know your a BrokeBBoy when you use Kleenex and Tape as a bandaid.

  1. They from the Bronx Edenwald, he mentions it.I slightly remember this cut from high school, this is dope classic era shit the classic era being 87-94 Everybody knows that Preaher Earl smash u sissies!

    • qwimby
    • March 7th, 2005

    Oh snap. my brother has this record. bought it around 92/93. It was bugged because his name is preacher earl & then there’s the cover. good find man.

    did he ever release an album?

    • Divine
    • February 19th, 2012

    I knew someone who went by the name Preacher Earl from the Bronx at 169th and Webster. He’s too young, but this rapper could’ve been his pops who was also a real gangsta

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