No scrubs… or No pigeons…

Qwest feat. Jamal:
Where My Thugs At (Original Mix)
Where My Thugs At (A-Sides Remix)
from Where My Thugs At 12″ (2001, Fierce Beatz UK)

Just wanted to do a quick post on a record I recently picked up. It’s a takeoff from the 702-Where My Girls At. Around that time, A bunch of records came out where women were dissin’ men and some cats came back at the women. This is one of them. I dont have no info on this cat Qwest, but if any of you know, holler. I heard this at a rave several years ago(believe it or not). Its hilarious and has some witty lyrics. My favorite line is, “Rule #1, Never give no girl no funds, unless she’s letting you put meat up in her buns…”… Hahaha. It’s also got Jamal on the track, some good skratchin’ on the beat and has a jungle remix on the flip. There needs to be more releases like that. I’ll dig up some more oddball stuff for the next updates. Watch out.


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