Im out to bomb like Vietnam….

Artifacts: Flexi Wit Da Tech(nique)
from Wrong Side Of Da Tracks 12″ (1994, Big Beat/Atlantic)

Artifacts feat. Busta Rhymes: Cmon Wit Da Git Down (Buckwild Remix)
from Cmon Wit Da Git Down 12″ (1994, Big Beat/Atlantic)

Artifacts: Art Of Facts
The Ultimate (Showbiz Remix)
from That’s Them LP (1997, Big Beat/Atlantic)

So my homie Rawj from Feenom Circle IMed me earlier today and was wondering if I had some joints he’s been interested in. Unfortunately I didnt have a couple, but alas I have some Artifacts materials in the crates. I know someone did an Artifacts post a while back (unsure who..)… Fuck It. Here’s a couple of their dope grafitti inspired blunt laced joints… Brick City Kids on a bumrush with T-Ray, Shawn J. Period, Buckwild and Showbiz on the production… That’s a straight dream team lineup right there. This was some great music from when we were all out bombing… The East Bay freeway wars…. You had HTF, MDK, 640, TBM, KOD and so many other crews bombing shit like crazy… As a special treat, I added Art of Scratch, The First track from That’s Them on the same file as Art Of Facts. Thought yall would get into it… Peace!


    • Ben_G2
    • February 23rd, 2005

    Memories, lost of memories… Thx 😉 last week, I watched the “Wrongs Side Of The Tracks” video… this group was dope!!!

  1. The Thats Them Lp was really slept on. It had quite a few nice tracks.

  2. I remember an interview with Tame where he talked about wanting to bomb more in the Wrong Side video but it was raining the day they were shooting.

    If you’re repping East Bay graf from that era I gotta shout out Cardio and my folks up in TFG. 🙂

  3. like the showbiz remix. Artifacts had punchlines for days. peace.

  4. Lacing tracks with The Artifacts… you guys are killing it right now.

  5. Both albums are monuments… Has anybody heard Tame One’s new shit with Eastern Conference?

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