Ultramagnetic MC’s: Bait (Original 12″ Version)
from Critical Beatdown [Remastered] (2004, Next Plateau/Road Runner)

Here is a quick post from a guest Broke BBoy by the name of TDAWG, outta Northern VA, reppin the SewerLabs, Muzik Fiendz, Uneasy Alliance and N20, A crew I rep myself. You’ll be seeing more from Mr. TDAWG, so peep it… Go Ahead Tee!!


Like a lot of people, I first heard this on the Let’s Go/Next Plateau compilation, “Red Alert Goes Berserk” back in 1987 and to this day it still blows my mind everytime I hear it. This was my introduction to the ‘Nautilus’ bassline and everytime it was sampled after this, I thought, “Damn! They sampled ‘Bait’ (What did I know about breaks back then?). This version, unlike the one on the Red Alert LP, is the full-length. It was previously only available on a mega-rare Japanese 45 but Ultra was gracious enough to include it on the ‘Critical Beatdown’ remastered CD last year.


  1. The “controlled by gamma light” sample of course appearing later on Keith’s Dr. Octogonocolgyst.

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