Funky Poets: Born In The Ghetto (Salaam Mix)
from Born In The Ghetto 12″ (1993, Sony)

Lisette Melendez feat. Greg Nice: Goody Goody
from Goody Goody 12″ (1993, Sony)

Queen Latifah: UNITY
from Black Reign (1993, Motown)

So we take it back to 1993, when a gang of good music came out. It was pretty fresh that Hiphop was Hiphop… There was really no labeling of underground and commercial, r&b and so on. Here’s some oddball picks from 1993. I wouldnt call these cream of the crop boombap styles but its some shit that would get the kids dancin… (In 2005, Does anyone dance anymore?)

The Funky Poets track is aight… I posted it mainly because, one, it was a track Salaam Remi flipped and two, its strange similarities to Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “TROY”… Is it the bassline or the melody, You tell me. You would think Salaam and Pete were in the studio at the same time. I wonder if they even noticed back then.

Lisette Melendez came thru with her great voice and brought along Greg Nice for the street credibility. What do I know… the track stands out alone without Greg on it. It sure got people moving back then. I played a slick party up in Portland, Oregon in December 2003. DJ Magneto told me it was a straight party jams spot… These cats were droppin Funkdoobiest, Cypress Hill, House Of Pain, Das Efx and all that good stuff. To my surprise, People kept dancing and having a hell of a good time. In my set, I dropped this and PM Dawn’s “Set a drift on memory bliss” and the crowd went insane… You play this in the Bay Area and fuckers will laugh at you (unless if your Mike Relm or DJ Pone cuz their pimps like that. whats up homies!).

The last one is Queen Latifah-UNITY. Im not gonna front… She had a great music career and continues to push her talents in music, movies, tv and all that… She had some great music in her albums All Hail The Queen, Nature Of A Sista and Black Reign, as showcased on this one. U.N.I.T.Y. stands for unity….

Hiphop, Bring back some good stuff like this… and please… make sure Kanye West isnt involved with it. We need Salaam Remi’s, Pete Rock’s, Primo’s and Large Professors back in the game.


p.s. By the way, links are fixed.

    • Anonymous
    • October 17th, 2005

    large up the bayarea coverage

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