Solillaquists of Sound: St. Ides (Live), Track 6 (Live), 9-11
from Solilla Live (2004, Indie)

Amir Sulaiman: Dead Man Walking, Death Before Dishonor
from Dead Man Walking (2004, Indie)

What’s up,

In true Florida fashion, a bunch of broke bboys are heading out to NYC for spring break. Anyone that can steer us in the right direction of what to check out that would be dope. Looking for dope live music nights, clubs, cheap delicious food, dope shops, funny monuments, and the like. So far we plannin to hit up the legendary Blue Note, the Guggenheim, the House dance conference, a Breaks crew practice, etc. Please help some broke bboys out!

So what you get for the help? A shit load of music which might get us arrested! I started to think of some songs to go with the NYC trip, and the closest ideal that came was this 9/11 song from Sollilaquist. So I did promise to come through for live Sollilaquist stuff and here it is, they’re pretty deep in conspiracy theory and they say it so eloquently. The group is made up of MCs Swamburger, Alexandrah, Tanya Combs, and DiVinci on the MPC’s. Here’s a peak at some of their live show with DiVinci on two live MPC’s. Their live show is definitely an experience, a little preachy but they get down hoaard. You can probably catch them as the backup vocals/MPCs for Sage Francis’ Healthy Distrust Tour. For more info and sounds check their myspace.

Amir Sulaiman is another brother with great delivery (even sounds like KRS) and speaks a tapestry of beautiful political dissent. I had the pleasure to check him out this past Thursday on campus. He did this poem “Dead Man Walking” on Def Poetry and 6 days later he received a visit from the FBI. The Patriot Act gots us on lock. I don’t agree with some of the stuff being said on these songs but I still believe it is still VERY important to seek the truth in everything we say we support. Hopefully we have a site tomorrow due to our patriotic tones.

Happy President’s Day..

PEACE 4 real,

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