Broke BBoys inna BBoy Stance

K-OS: BBoy Stance
The Love Song
Clap Ur Hands
from Joyful Rebellion (2004, Astralwerks)

K-OS is the name of the Day, Hailing from Canada… When I first heard him, I wasnt really feeling him. I got his singles as promos, gave em a quick listen and didnt give it a second thought. Several months later, Im cleaning up my vinyl mess and re-discover his music. Im like “Did I fucking sleep on this….” I then hear the homie DJ Elofader from The Mixtape Show on KSJS needle droppin’ it and it clicked. It is some very soulful and socially concious hiphop circa present time. His stuff reminds me of how Brand Nubian and Public Enemy were (minus the heavy afrocentricity of that era).

K-OS has recieved alot of press and awards for his emceeing, singing, songwriting and production. He recently got Hiphop recording of the year at the Canadian Urban Music Awards and is up for 3 Juno Awards. He just lost his nomination for Best Dance Recording to Kylie Minogue (out of all fuckin people) for his collaboration with The Chemical Brothers. Dude has mad flavor. I wonder if he’ll be doing some Jungle shit soon. Heres 3 joints from his 2nd album, Joyful Rebellion, which he wrote and produced all himself. Leave some feedback if you into the K-OS sound.

  1. listened to a K-OS interview and dude came across a very interesting fella. jungle? I can see that working. memories of jungle raves (tears to my eyes)

    on the side I’m feeling the chemical brothers video “renegade” (i think). the krumpin’ dance going on is off the hook.

    thx for the d/ls.

  2. kinda digging the first album more than the second album. Heaven Only knows was my joint. The second album is getting mad play up in the T dot though. good looking out

  3. Mos def… He’s getting alot of praise up in Canada and he’s really underrated here in America. I’ve seen him on MTV2 once. We all know how America works… K-OS doesnt make money, but Lil’ Jon does.

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