The Common… Denominator

Common: The Bitch In You
from The Bitch In Yoo 12″ (1996, Relativity)

Common feat. Macy Gray: Geto Heaven (TSOI Remix)
from Geto Heaven Remix TSOI 12″ (2000, MCA)

Common: I Used To Love Her (9th Wonder Remix)
from 9th Wonder-Invented The Remix LP (2003, Indie)

Common feat. Kanye West: Food
from Food 12″ (2004, Good Music)

Common, One of the Illest MC’s to grab the mic. This guy has managed to accomplish alot in his career and spanned many styles…. from his early days on Can I Borrow A Dollar? (where he rhymed all wild) to his Resurrection days(Top 10 Hiphop album ever? ) and Beefin’ with Ice Cube. Anyone remember when Minister Farrakhan called for a truce between the east and west? That was kinda neat. I think at that point in time, Common took a serious look at his life, his actions and what messages he was conveying thru his rhymes. I think that reflection on himself help define his career from that moment on.

One Day It’ll All Make Sense and Like Water for Chocolate came as some incredible efforts as Common continues to fine tuned his music even more. It became more Organic than it was before. Along the way, He hooked up with Erykah Badu and he totally flipped his style. I think we heard that from several people… The Erykah Syndrome…. Electric Circus came in and people had mixes feelings about it…. On one memorable rhyme, Common reflects,

“they say you got me dressin’ crazy
Eatin’ veggies, wearin’ shirts extra medium
And if we break up, I’m a eat meat again?”

Who knows, because what I’ve been hearing that is that he’s going back to a more Resurrection style with the help of Kanye West, as we’ve already heard with Food and The Corners… We will have to wait and see if he once again redifines his style. He’s one of my favorite MC’s and here’s 4 tracks spanning his career for you all to enjoy. I might have to make a Part 2 post for him at another point in time. For now, grab the tracks… Peace.


  1. hi, been a regular here since soul sides spread the good word. great selection of tracks. as a common fan, here’s a littleTREAT

  2. Been loving Common since ummm Breaker One Nine. Must say I really wasnt feeling the Electric Circus stuff but Food and the verse he did on Kayne’s album are tight. I know he was going for a more mature feel on Circus but I think he may have stretched the boundaries just a bit too far too quickly. Who knows we may look back 10 years from now and say oh thats some classic unappreciated type ish.

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