Here comes the Remix

Pete Rock & CL Smooth: Straighten It Out (Remix)
They Reminisce Over You (Remix)
from Straighten It Out 12″ (1992, Elektra)

So the homies over at Free Motion have outdone themselves, beating me to the punch on artist spotlights on numerous occasions now. Much respect to them for a saucy audioblog but I gotta follow their lead on the Pete Rock and CL Smooth tip. Pete and CL had a profound effect on my life with their tales of life and livin it back in a time where I was really unaware of how my own life was going to turn out. Hip-Hop DJ at a quarter of my life aint so bad.

Anyways, Here’s the remixes to the classic headnodders “TROY” and “Straighten It Out”. I dont know if theyve been posted up before or not. I dont really care. Pete Rock and CL Smooth are definitely one of Hiphop’s highlights. I still believe they are underrated for their previous accomplishments, as a new generation of hiphop kids is letting MTV/BET choose what they like.

Respect to all the Audio Blogs and respect to all the ones who have linked us. Please visit all the sites we have linked. They are the cream of the crop. Peace.


  1. well said. mecca and the soul brother changed my life. T.R.O.Y. is my favorite song to this day.

    • Anonymous
    • October 12th, 2005

    and now we have the domino affect… songs by I AM I SEE have changed my life!


    and i commence to bust…


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