K-Solo rips the M I C R O P H O N E

K-Solo: Spellbound
K-Solo: Real Solo Please Stand Up
from Tell The World My Name (1990, Atlantic)

K-Solo: Letterman
from Time’s Up (1992, Atlantic)

Redman feat. K-Solo: It’s Like That (My Big Brother)
from Muddy Waters (1996, Rush Associated Labels)

Kevin Self Organization Left Others, better known as K-Solo, made alot of noise in the early 90’s being affiliated to the Hit Squad with EPMD, Das Efx and Redman. His career started with a spot on EPMD’s Unfinished Business, followed up by his debut album, Tell The World My Name. He became very popular with a rhyming style where he spelled words out (wasnt Madlib doing that recently on a 7″).

Unlike EPMD, He was very aggressive on the mic, striking similarities to Percee P or Big Daddy Kane. He spit his rhymes with high speed and dropped alot of science about life on the streets, crime, racism amongst other things.2 years later, He came back with “Times Up”. Not as strong as his debut but good enough that Im still playing it. He sorta disappered after that. Supposedly he moved out west and signed to Death Row. I never saw the album so who knows… Suge is probably the masters as an ashtray by now. He did make a dope appearance with Redman in late 96. Got alot of mixtape play coast to coast.

He was recently featured on “Beef II” Documentary. The DVD puts K-Solo against DMX, In which K claims X stole one of his tracks that he wrote. K-Solo also said he’d take a lie detector test to prove it. The Beef team took him up on his offer. He seemed a lil nervous when he took the test. He ended up passing the test, so DMX most likely got his career kickstarted by stealing from K-Solo. I always wondered why DMX was hollerin “Get at me Dawg!!”

I’ve posted 4 of K-Solo’s top tracks. Enjoy em. More updates to follow.


    • Cavebaby
    • February 21st, 2005

    Have you seen the film???

    The story’s that K-Solo actually stole Spellbound from DMX. They were cellmates in jail tagether back before Spellbound came out. DMX said that K-Solo stole the concept from him while X was still stuck rotting in jail…
    In case you didn’t know, DMX didn’t appear suddenly from nowhere in ’99. He’d been beasting tracks for more than 5 years underground, & must’ve been rapping pretty semi-seriously enuff back in the ’89-’90 Era ta come up with the Spellbound concept… Get at that “dawg”.

    • Anonymous
    • August 15th, 2005

    K-solo is doing his thing under the new name wolfgang. The dude is still ill as always. The site is http://www.wmrinc.com. By the way, K-solo ripped Dmx on the “answer back.” So regardless of the story, DMX got ripped.

  1. F)(K KSOLO hes just mad cause he will never be $hit. Playa hater

  1. August 2nd, 2008

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