Word Play–play with Words–Word plays

J-Live: Wax Paper
from The Best Part (2001, Triple Threat/Seven Heads)

Solillaquists of Sound: Eyecea
from 4 Student Counsol (2002, Indie Release)

Sup blogworld,

BoogaLeo is back in the house! So while you were wonderin what the hell happened to the Eagles in the 4th quarter, Audio1 reminded me I had to stop slacking and post some dope shit. So here is my dope shit. The theme for the night is word play. We begin with J-live’s Wax Paper, J rhymes about a kid name Nic who’s first word Tech and had a twin brother, yes the metaphor is obvious and J rips the track with his dedly story. Killing it with these lines, “his tonearm stayed tipped with the nickleplated, so even in the crossfire they were never faded/His pitch ass tried to get live at the red light, he received a 33 from a 45” By the end of it, J makes you think twice about the next time you put that record in wax paper.

The next track is from the Solillaquists of Sound. They are one of the few FL cats making noise right now. They’re deep writing and approach to music is very creative and I’ll be introducing these cats by featuring a song off their first album, Eyecea. You’ll be hearin more from these cats on the next post. Enjoy!


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