Just Buggin… In Barbara’s Bedroom


(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin’ Download
Barbara’s Bedroom
from Whistle (1986, Select Records)

I played my monthly slot on Movement Radio last night and played a set full of classic hiphop. I began the set with these 2 tracks. They are pretty damn dope in my book. I was lucky to find these at a local thrift in mint condition. Whistle was a group in the 80’s that did funky hiphop jams and did r&b songs as well. Enjoy Just Buggin and Barbara’s Bedroom. Very fun tracks for very fun times in hiphop. Also, If anyone has the MP3 to “Chance for Our Love” by Whistle, Please email me. My wife’s been trying to hunt that one down for a minute. Peace.


    • Anonymous
    • January 24th, 2005

    Just Buggin’ was one of the biggest things of my infancy … You are a prince of men for bringing this back the fore. I can die happy now.

    • Anonymous
    • January 26th, 2005

    “tha, that was fresh!”

    thanks.. what part of the bay r u from?

    me: oakland, high school in frisco (wash) in atl now…

    yeah, it was one of the 1st rap songs i remember clearly.. that and batteram!



  1. word. Hayward is my hometown. I now reside in San mateo, on the other side of the yay! yeah, these whistle joints take it back.

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