The West Coast Is Blowin Up

The Nonce

Eighty-Five (Original Style) Download
Keep It On
from World Ultimate (1995, Wild West)

Bus Stops (Token and a Transfer Remix) (feat. Aceyalone) Download
from Bus Stops 12″ (1995, Wild West)

Remember a while back I spoke about THE BUMS and how their positive/organic sound helped define the west coast underground. This is yet another high class act that upheld hiphop to its highest degree. Enter Nouka Base and Yusef Afloat, better known as The Nonce. They were just some BBoys who went diggin on the daily and slanged mixtapes on the corner of 81st place. Their mixes were so hot, At one point they were slangin for $20 a pop. They struck hard around 1994 when their Single “Mixtapes” hit the mixtape/radio and even, Rap City rotation. An instant classic getting it up to #6 on Gavin Rap chart, #11 on Hits chart and winning the nightly Rap Attack on L.A.’s Power 106, 6 nights in a row. Then came Bus Stops, which was a track alot of cats could relate to, the wooing of the female sex. The hook went, “They on the bus stops, They out bumpin’ the sound, They at every mall in the city, Take a look at `em cruising around, right..”

This again was one of those tapes that we played on the Boombox nonstop while painting at the yards all day. They had fresh rhymes, dope beats, creativity and imagination. They tackled most notable topics, like crushing walk mc’s to rockin parties to more serious issues such as diseases, but referenced in dope metaphorical ways. 1995 came and they dropped the album, “World Ultimate”. Let’s just say that this is one of the only albums, personally, I can play all day on loop and not have to fast forward any track. Every track is incredible. It is a super slept-on classic and I am glad that people are interested in the classic mid-nineties flavors. The Nonce were a second to none act.

Years past and they dropped some more beats, like the Live & Direct and Turnin’ It Out 12″ singles and a collabo with Global Phlowtations. Then came 2000. 2000 was a hard year for LA just reeling from the late 1999 death of BIGGA B from UNITY. DJ ROB-ONE lost his 2 year battle with Cancer and on May 21st, 2000, Yusef Afloat Muhammad of The Nonce was found dead on the side of the 110 freeway in LA. To date, His death continues to be a mystery.

5 years later, You can find Nouka Base aka Sach still rhymin and droppin dope singles with his Project Blowed family. He has announced the release of near 40 previously unreleased tracks from him and Yusef Afloat. There is also rumors that “World Ultimate” will be re-issued in CD and Vinyl formats. If that does come true, It is a BrokeBBoys mandatory order that you cop it. Hiphop needs this music right now, More than ever. Enjoy the legacy The Nonce left behind. These are 3 standouts from the World Ultimate.


  1. Real nice grooves. I dig this site.

  2. thanks for rehasing my memory of the nonce…
    right on…

    • Anonymous
    • January 19th, 2005

    in the Uk if one is called a nonce then one is accused of being a child molester. maybe this is the reason they never recieved any airplay over here. shame….

  3. used to see a nonce video on the BOX back in ’96 (don’t know it’s name). they were tight.

  4. ha…I remember one time up in class I quoted the line “I put the turntable down for the microphone…” and blasted into “I USED TO SELL MIXTAPES…BUT NOW I’M AN EMCEEEEEE”

    this cat Audio 1 looks at me and says…

    “pfft…I’d put the microphone down for the turntable anyday”

    damn DJ’s.

    • Anonymous
    • September 28th, 2005

    eyah, i had a homie who was down with them (Mean Green). They had A cut caleed “On The Air”. That shit was laid back. Damn..BACK IN THE DAYS WHEN I WAS A TEENAGER”.

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