Captain Backslap Strikes Again

J-Zone feat. Huggy and Kobayashi: Candy Razors
from Music For Tu Madre (1999, Old Maid Entertainment)

The Runaways feat. J-Zone: You Dont Understand
from You Dont Understand 12″ (2000, 360 Records)

J-Zone feat. Huggy Bear: Orphan Babies
from A Bottle of Whup Ass (2000, Old Main Entertainment)

Sorry. We lagged for a straight week. My work had me working mad overtime and Leo just went back to school. No exsuses. Time to post soome dope shit up.

I Played a party last night and had to drop some gems on the cats. Cue In Captain Backslap aka J-Zone. I was introduced to his stylings in mid-2001 from the homie Ruben(he posts over at the Stacks Vinyl site). I hadnt heard shit this dope in days and since then, J-Zone has been one of my favorite mc’s of all time. My boy Nicdgreek was deep into J-Zone as well. We kept his joints in good rotation during our 2 year tour of duty on What I love best about J-Zone is that, well, he’s an honest son of a bitch. He tells it as it is. If a bitch is ugly, He’ll be straightforward. Theres that one song where he tells the girl to pay him to jerk him off. Incredible rhyme flow, creative topics and dope production makes a good combination.

Here you are. 3 bangers from Mr. Zone. Not much I can say, cuz its 7:15AM. I’ll be back later with more music. Enjoy. -Audio1

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