Grand Daddy I.U.
We Got Da Gats
from Lead Pipe (1994, Cold Chilin’/Epic Street)

I picked up this album during my “This looks like real HipHop, I should buy it” phase. Alot of you will front and say, “Naw, I’ve always been down and up on whats hot”, to play the Im Cool card. We have to crawl before we walk, right…

(mental tirade to begin momentarily)
Alot has changed in 10 years. I was 14 back then and had to take the Bus, Ride the BART so I can buy music out in SF or Berkeley. There was no internet back then. Kids now got it too simple. They go to Soulseek and download everything. No soul involved in the process. No DIY initiative. No supporting the artists pocket and actually buying the Tapes/CD’s/Records.
(back to your regular program, already in progess)

….There was a ton of good hiphop coming out at the time and so much slipped under the radar. Thank god for KZSU, KALX and numerous college stations that came in clear after Safe Harbor hours. Here is the lead single from Grand Daddy I.U.’s sophomore album, Lead Pipe. During his career, He went on to release 2 albums, 8 singles and did a half-dozen collabos, including a posse cut on a Grand Puba joint and a weird collabo with 2pac. Most which I aint heard. Enjoy.


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