Post holiday greetings

Def Jef

Do It Baby
Droppin’ Rhymes On Drums
from Just A Poet With Soul (1989, Delicious Vinyl)

Hope everyone had a good holiday. Here’s my special stocking stuffer: more slept on hiphop from early golden era a la Def Jef. His uptempo flow reminds me of a mix of Grandmaster Melle Mel and Rakim. His first album is sprinkled with production from the Dust Brothers. “Do it baby” is a pretty chilled out beat as Jef flexes his skills, he trades verses on the mic to himself throughout the track, sounding like he sampled himself at some parts. But his rhymes really set off with the crazy hype LP opener, “Droppin rhymes on drums” . I was pretty surprised to hear pretty known bboy samples in the album and I remembered uptempo funk was really the template for a lot of late 80s hiphop, as MC’s had a more higher tempo aesthetic in general. Enjoy!

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