When Eminem was dope

OldWorlDisorder feat. Eminem
from ThreeSixFive 12″ (1998, Beyond Real Recordings)

Bad Meets Evil
Scary Movies (Future Type Joint Remix)
from White Label 12″ (1999)

Murder Murder
from The Slim Shady EP (1998, Web Entertainment)

“Eminem does have (or at least, used to have) some BOMB ASS undeniably radical flow. In fact, sometime soon, I’m going to buy his first album and listen to it again…. that was when his shit was, like, actually FUN TO LISTEN TO!! For Christ’s sake, Marshall, does every song have to be some societal message and shit?

Come on dude.

You have a song named “My Fault” that says “I never meant to give you my shrooms, girl.”

He started believing he was this super-hated Marylin Manson of Hip Hop.

“I am whatever you say I am, Egotism is exactly why I play this jam.”

So to everyone who was big on Eminem before he got on all the teeny-bopper magazines, Heres 3 tracks to take you back to the struggling detroit MC living out of his Monte Carlo.

Happy Holidays.

    • Anonymous
    • December 30th, 2004

    wow… i never heard that Scary Movies remix before.

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